Modern Era Design is a interior design studio based in Edmonton, AB that specializes in residential and commercial interiors for private clients and developers.


About Our Lead Designer, Jehan Hamdan-Fayad:

Jehan is a full-time hockey and basketball mom to three; Eslaam, Raeanna and Ahmad (ERA). When her children were grown, interior design, always a passion, seemed to be a natural fit. She enrolled at the University of Alberta to earn a certificate in Residential Interiors. While she was doing that she kept active in design by working on projects for close family and friends. Through the courses and the lectures she began to identify her own style โ€“ she gravitated towards modern design. Her clients have an appreciation for high quality products yet they need family friendly materials and design plans for their lifestyle.  A modern lifestyle has become Jehan's area of expertise.

Jehan Hamdan Fayad