Our Vision

Every person, family, and business has different needs and need a personal touch. I will work with you from start to finish and advice you on every detail from pillows to drapes and to find the colors that match your businesses theme and make your clients comfortable.

Each small detail will be looked at, all your lighting  will be used evenly and efficiently, and it will be done on your budget.


A Master of Space

Does your business or home need more space? I can help organize your closets and arrange your cubicles so you will have all the space you need to make everything go.

I can incorporate function to your space and make things more efficient, practical, yet stylish.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Modern Era Design, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You will get the space and design you need to meet your needs.

Take a load off from your busy schedule, and let us figure out how to make things more comfortable for you.